Season 2017-2018

Hi Everyone

The teams and fixtures for the 2017-2018 season are now available to view on this site and through the mobile app. You should not need to do anything on the app as the details are updated automatically.

There is a slight difference when viewing the League Tables for Monday and Wednesday. These will now appear on the same page one above the other rather than on separate pages.

I have included the Doris Styles and Eric Wild competition dates on the online calendar. I will hopefully update the app at some point to be able to show these separately.

Hope everyone has a great season. See you on the Alley.



Apple iOS App

If anyone is experiencing problems with their league App on Apple Devices, a new version is available for download.

Visit the site on your mobile and download the app from there. It is hoped that at some point in the future the app will be made available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, but at the moment the app is only available here.

Results Updates

There have been some complaints about the speed in which the results are posted to this site. Please note that I, as the site admin, do not receive the results until at least 2 days after the games in question, typically Monday games are received on a Wednesday and Wednesdays games are received on a Friday or Saturday. The results officer has to wait for all results to be sent to him before sending them out to me.

Once I have received the results they have then to be divided up so that they can be imported into the relevant league and match day tables, this takes time.

More often than not the results are posted the day after I receive them, unfortunately my private life can get in the way sometimes and I apologise for that.


Season 2016-2017

Hi Everyone

The new season is about to start. This site should now show the fixtures starting early September 2016 for everyone.

The mobile app should also reflect the new season, just ensure that you re-select your division from the bottom of the screen to fresh the view. The tables will update once I have uploaded some data from this season.

Have a great season.

Site Admin.

Late results posting

Sorry for the late posting of the division 1 final seasons scores and tables. A complete oversight on my part.

Well done to the following teams:-

Monday Div 1 Winners Castaways 349 and runners up Travellers 330

Monday Div 2 Winners The Inbetweeners 328 and runners up Dingles 327

Wednesday Div 1 Winners Highwaymen 450 and runners up Rattlers 427

Wednesday Div 2 Winners Alley Cats 481 and runners up Argonauts 411

I am unable to attend this years presentation evening, so if anyone fancies taking a few pictures of proceedings and sending them to me I will post them in the gallery.

iOS 9.3 Fix

Hi All

Version 1.9 of the WFSL app is now available for download. This version fixes the application crash.

Click the relevant links on the right side menu or at the bottom depending on how your mobile device displays this page.

New Season, New Features, New App

Welcome to the new 2015-2016 season.

As announced at the meeting held on the 25th August 2015, there is a new mobile app available. Actually there are two versions each for Android and iOS. Sorry Windows Mobile users I hope to have a version for you soon.

The first version allows users to view the league tables and also their fixture calendar by entering the relevant details in the app settings.

The second version has the same features as above, but also allows key users to submit scores from the app. For this to work you will need to request a verification code from me. This ensures that legitimate league players are using the application. Once your verification code and your name is entered the system will automatically confirm your team name. If the team name is incorrect please let me know as soon as possible.

Please download the app from this site on your mobile.

As this app is very new I would appreciate your patience if there are any issues. I have created this app in my own time and tested as much as I can. If you have issues, please email me on with any relevant information and I will try to fix issues as quickly as possible.

Please continue to text your scores as well until myself and the results secretary are happy the results are being sent and received correctly by the app.


Site Admin