iOS 9.3 Fix

Hi All

Version 1.9 of the WFSL app is now available for download. This version fixes the application crash.

Click the relevant links on the right side menu or at the bottom depending on how your mobile device displays this page.

New Season, New Features, New App

Welcome to the new 2015-2016 season.

As announced at the meeting held on the 25th August 2015, there is a new mobile app available. Actually there are two versions each for Android and iOS. Sorry Windows Mobile users I hope to have a version for you soon.

The first version allows users to view the league tables and also their fixture calendar by entering the relevant details in the app settings.

The second version has the same features as above, but also allows key users to submit scores from the app. For this to work you will need to request a verification code from me. This ensures that legitimate league players are using the application. Once your verification code and your name is entered the system will automatically confirm your team name. If the team name is incorrect please let me know as soon as possible.

Please download the app from this site on your mobile.

As this app is very new I would appreciate your patience if there are any issues. I have created this app in my own time and tested as much as I can. If you have issues, please email me on with any relevant information and I will try to fix issues as quickly as possible.

Please continue to text your scores as well until myself and the results secretary are happy the results are being sent and received correctly by the app.


Site Admin

Presentation Evening 2015

A great evening was had by all at the first presentation evening held by the Worcester Friendly Skittles League at the Graeme Hick suite Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

You will see a gallery in the menu where I have added a selection of photos from the evening. The quality isn’t brilliant as I only had my phone to take the pictures but at least there is a record of the event.

2014-2015 League Winners and Runners Up

Well don’t to Harry’s Heros winning Monday Division 1 with 367 points and to the Travellers as runners up with 345 points.

Well done to Bangumharder winning Monday Division 2 with 378 points and the Redundants as runners up with 301 points.

Well done to the Rattlers winning Wednesday Division 1 with 323 points and to the Highwaymen as runners up with 317 points

Well done to the Gauntlets winning Wednesday Division 2 with 312 points and the Leapers as runners up with 308 points.

Well done to the Casuals winning Wednesday Division 3 with 292 points and the Nuway as runners up with 275 points.

New Social Links

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Welcome to the 2014-2015 Season.

Hi All.

Welcome to the new season on

You will see on the right hand side (If viewed on a PC or laptop or tablet) or below in a vertical list on some mobile devices, all the Monday and Wednesday fixtures. You can add these fixtures to various calendars on PC’s, laptops and mobile devices by clicking Add below the division relevant to you and selecting the option that best suits your device. For example if you play in Wednesday Division 1 and own an iPhone, click Add below the Wednesday Division 1 calendar and select the ‘Add to Apple Calendar’.  On some devices the word add is removed from the icon so you will just see the 3 quadrant icon. Click this to select the relevant option.

Once subscribed, all the matches for Wednesday Division 1 will appear on your iPhone calendar. All popular devices should be covered. Android devices may need a third party application to load ics files.

Once you have subscribed to the calendar, if there are any changes they will automatically update on your device, assuming of coarse that I have made the updates here on the site.