Updates to League

Hi All

The new 2019-2020 season is nearly upon us.

Following changes to the Wednesday League structure I have now updated the site to show the new division.

Obviously this now requires an update to the mobile application which will follow shortly. It will be Version 4 onwards. Version 3 will not show the latest league changes.

I will post another update once the application is available for download.

Good Luck for the 2019-2020 season.


Mobile Applications

Hi Everyone

I’m pleased to announce the release of the updated WFSL mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. The changes reflect the league division changes and also given me the opportunity to revamp the app bringing it more up to date.

You can download the apps by browsing to this page and clicking the links in the right hand column. Please follow the instructions to authorise the application on your device. Please note these apps are not available from the Apple Store or Google Play.

I have developed this app free of charge so please be gentle with me if there are any issues. Feel free to contact me via this website if anything major happens but hopefully its fairly self explanitory.

Results Updates

There have been some complaints about the speed in which the results are posted to this site. Please note that I, as the site admin, do not receive the results until at least 2 days after the games in question, typically Monday games are received on a Wednesday and Wednesdays games are received on a Friday or Saturday. The results officer has to wait for all results to be sent to him before sending them out to me.

Once I have received the results they have then to be divided up so that they can be imported into the relevant league and match day tables, this takes time.

More often than not the results are posted the day after I receive them, unfortunately my private life can get in the way sometimes and I apologise for that.


Season 2016-2017

Hi Everyone

The new season is about to start. This site should now show the fixtures starting early September 2016 for everyone.

The mobile app should also reflect the new season, just ensure that you re-select your division from the bottom of the screen to fresh the view. The tables will update once I have uploaded some data from this season.

Have a great season.

Site Admin.

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Season.

Hi All.

Welcome to the new season on w-f-s-l.co.uk.

You will see on the right hand side (If viewed on a PC or laptop or tablet) or below in a vertical list on some mobile devices, all the Monday and Wednesday fixtures. You can add these fixtures to various calendars on PC’s, laptops and mobile devices by clicking Add below the division relevant to you and selecting the option that best suits your device. For example if you play in Wednesday Division 1 and own an iPhone, click Add below the Wednesday Division 1 calendar and select the ‘Add to Apple Calendar’.  On some devices the word add is removed from the icon so you will just see the 3 quadrant icon. Click this to select the relevant option.

Once subscribed, all the matches for Wednesday Division 1 will appear on your iPhone calendar. All popular devices should be covered. Android devices may need a third party application to load ics files.

Once you have subscribed to the calendar, if there are any changes they will automatically update on your device, assuming of coarse that I have made the updates here on the site.