Linesmen & Sticker Ups


For all members as Linesmen, captains, vice-captains and stickers-up.


DON’T Watch the line.

DO watch ball from bowlers hand until out of play,(i.e, removed from the alley)

DO make sure the ball bounces behind the line first.

DO call over, if the ball doesn’t make contact with the alley before the white line.

DO call over, cush ball immediately.

DO make sure the call is heard.

DON’T call over, cusp balls AFTER they have struck the pins.

DON’T allow bowler to bowl until pins are removed from frame area or reset.

DO check sticker ups score call

It is now a rule that linesmen will sit both legs when opponents are bowling two legs. This prevents unnecessary delay when changing linesmen.

It is also recommended that the captains or vice-captains should be present on the alley throughout the match.