Mobile App Help

Thank you for downloading the WFSL app.
Please note that this app is voluntarily created and support will be limited.

Also note this this application for both Android and iOS will only be availble on the WFSL website for now. It will not be available in either the Apple App Store or Google Play. This may change in the future.

The application requires an internet connection to work as information displayed is loaded live from the internet. Please note that you may incur data charges if your mobile contract does not include data or you exceed your data limits. Neither the developer or WFSL can be held responsible in the event of this happening.

The application is designed to allow players to quickly view fixtures for each division and also to view scores from previous games and submit scores from new games.

There are two versions of the application, one to view league tables and fixtures and one which will also allow you to submit scores.

The latter will require a verification code. Please send your first name and last name together with your team name to You will then be sent a verification code. This code is unique to your team but each person wishing to use it will need to request their own as the uploading of scores is verified against your name.

When loading the app for the first time, you must go to settings and select you division  enter your name as used to request the verification code and the verification code. When saving the details you will see a confirmation if the details you have entered are correct. This will enable the app to highlight fixtures relevant to you in your division. If you have the version that uses the verification code t will also allow you to post the match results from that fixture.

When posting scores you are required to enter both the Home and Aways match scores and points as well as any players scores over 40 including spares. Players scores should be entered as Name Score(Spares) one per line e.g
A Another 40
W Skittles 45(12)
C Lion 44(11,12) etc.

Once a score has been submitted, it cannot be resubmitted, this will stop the duplication of scores in the database. If you need to amend a score please contact the results secretary.

If you revisit a previous match in the fixture list and a score has previously been submitted, the score will be displayed on the screen. It cannot be resent. A warning will appear with the name of the person that submitted the results.