Singles & Pairs

General Guidance notes for Officials.

The Singles is a ‘King Pin’ competition.

The Pairs is an ordinary skittles competition.

Start to be decided by the toss of a coin.

LEGS – Both competitions comprise of five legs, should there be a tie after 5 legs, additional leg/s to be bowled to decide the winner.

Linesmen must be used – See full 9. It is recommended that the winning players should perform this duty.

Score Sheets will be provided. They will show the players names, their team, K.O code number and the time scheduled for the match to be played. A substitute player/pair may be accepted for the preliminary rounds.

Sticker-Up payments.

Payment for the sticker-ups will be collected by appointed officials at a time and place nominated. Where possible, this will be at least one week before the respective round.

Officials should adhere strictly to start times but providing all players are on the alley these may be advanced. A delay is only acceptable as a direct consequence of a tied match overrunning. Officials should complete score sheets and the copies in full. Top copy (White) should be returned to the competition secretary immediately following the game. Copies to be retained for three weeks after the end of the match.