Wed Div 2 Results 2018-2019

Week 9      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Goodrest Invaders412218430Punchbowlers
I Chambers 44,C Webb 43R Taylor 43,K Higgins 42
Barbarians414155389The Sharks
A Cook 42P Molly 38
Alley Cats398137398Ex Cons
Leapers438146425Hi -Flyers
Rams407317433Albert Hall
J Watt 42,R Lee 40G Lavery 46,A Guyatt 42,N Butler 41,R Johnson 40
Week 8      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
The Sharks400614410Goodrest Invaders
P Molloy 39H Parker 41,C Webb 40A Parker 41,C Webb 40
R Taylor 44C Thompson 45,D Potter 44
Ex Cons405182399Barbarians
P Wood 40A Faulkner 40
Hi -Flyers410164400Alley Cats
K Brushwood 43,A Hundley 40B Williams 51
Albert Hall420515428Leapers
M Sprague 40T Williams 49,W Harker 43
Week 7      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Goodrest Invaders414416465Ex Cons
M Chambers 42,C Hudspith 40A Croad 46,R Holloway 45,A Walton 45,L Croad 42,D Morel 42
Punchbowlers419155414The Sharks
F Loureiro 46,D Howell 40M Widdowson 49
Barbarians377218425Hi -Flyers
C English 36,A Faulkner 36M Taylor 44
Alley Cats396164388Albert Hall
D Marshman 37,B Williams 37A Guyatt 48
D Potter 40
Week 6      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Hi -Flyers407614408Goodrest Invaders
K Brushwood 41C Webb 41
Ex Cons418182380Punchbowlers
The Sharks407416417Rams
D Harrison 39R Lee 54,C Watt 42,K Weston 40
Albert Hall426182394Barbarians
Luke Butler 48,Lance Butler 47,A Guyatt 46,J Cook 39
Leapers431146416Alley Cats
P Gardner 44,G Peplow 42C Stratford 46,K Gwilliam 45,B Williams 41
Week 5      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Goodrest Invaders425164420Albert Hall
A Parker 43,P Macdonald 43,D Prithard 42,N Wonfor 42,R Barnett 41S Butler 38,A Guyatt 38
Punchbowlers415182392Hi -Flyers
F Loureiro 40J Bunton 44
The Sharks383416406Ex Cons
C English 43,G T Burrow 40A Moss 42
Rams428164415Alley Cats
R Lee 52A Mcfee 42,C Stratford 42
Week 4      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Leapers423164377Goodrest Invaders
A Moss 16M Chambers 39
Albert Hall407182383Punchbowlers
L Butler 40A Taylor 40,F Loureiro 40
Hi -Flyers419182392The Sharks
N Grubb 52,S Harbourne 40D Harrrison 38
Ex Cons436164411Rams
L Wallbank 46,A Croad 42,M Goode 40A Collins 42,S Palmer 41
Alley Cats433182387Barbarians
Week 3      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Goodrest Invaders411614421Alley Cats
C Webb 46,I Chambers 41P Stratford 43,C Stratford 42,J Hall 42
R Taylor 44W Harker 43
The Sharks410164405Albert Hall
I Smith 39,Sam Gravenall 39M Sprague 44
Ex Cons407218416Hi -Flyers
Jack Croad 38N Grubb 40,C Knowles 40
D Potter 50,C Watt 43,A Collins 43G Spragg 43
Week 2      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Barbarians393416398Goodrest Invaders
C English 40I Chambers 36,G Collect 36
Alley Cats388164386Punchbowlers
B Williams 39D Harrison 37
Leapers403146398The Sharks
Albert Hall418164391Ex Cons
G Aston 41,M Sprague 41,N Butler 41L Wallbank 44,A Croad 40
Rams421164417Hi -Flyers
D Potter 43,A Collins 40R Layland 40
Week 1      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Goodrest Invaders445182406Rams
A Parker 46,N Wonfor 46,R Barnett 44,S Palmer 43,C Thompson 40
Lee Duffy 44M Watts 39
The Sharks431515437Alley Cats
P Bowkett 42,P Read 40K Gwilliam 43,J Anstey,C Strattford 42,J Gwilliam 40
Ex ConsLeapers
No Result sheet or text
Hi -Flyers408614433Albert Hall
N Grubb 40M Spague 44,N Butler 43,Lance Butler43,S Butler 40