Wed Div 2 Results 2019-2020

Week 5      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Farmers Boy392515395Ex Cons
D Hughes 39,D Brookes 39R Holloway 40
Windshields458182427Albert Hall
R Franklin 51,M Brown 45,R Barry 41,A Lock 41G Aston 42,N Butler 42
New Bees409416422Gauntlets
A Bosley 44,D Wilding 42S Carless 42,D Spink 41
Hi-Flyers411155395The Sharks
A Hundley 41,N Grubb 41P Bowkett 45,J Molloy 42,M Clarke 41
Punchbowlers408164381Goodrest Invaders
D Howell 41,M Mcmahon 41M Chambers 38

Week 4      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
The Sharks405218430Farmers Boy
P Read 45A Davies 43
Ex Cons414416426Windshields
N Croad 39J Brace 43,M Smith 41,T Lock 41
Albert Hall398164396New Bees
G Aston 42,Lance Butler 42A Bosley 42
B Hemming 58,J Hemming 47,A Adams 43,T Hemming 42,S Carless 41,D Lloyd 40,D Spink 40Larry Duffy 46,R Taylor 45,L Duffy 40,D Harrison 40
Goodrest Invaders422614429Hi-Flyers
I Chambers 42,G Colley 41K Brushwood 41,A Hindley 40

Week 3      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Farmers Boy429146402Goodrest Invaders
T Yapp 43,D Hughes 40M Chambers 42,R Macdonald 40,G Colley 40
Windshields423173398The Sharks
T Lock 43M Clarke 40
New Bees350020396Ex Cons
J Hudson 35A croad 38,M Goode 38,L Croad 38
Gauntlets500173462Albert Hall
A Adams 54,M Hemming 47,Josh Hemming 46,J Hemming 45,M Smith 43,T Hemming 42,D Lloyd 40,G Stanley 40,D Spink 40N Manton 47,M Rollings 43,D Manton 42,G Lavery 40,Luke Butler 40,M Clegg 40
R Taylor 44,S Duffy 41C Knowles 46,L Bunton 40

Week 2      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Hi-Flyers409218436Farmers Boy
L Bunton 38P Hughes 45,M Knight 42,T Yapp jnr 40
Goodrest Invaders400416435Windshields
D Davis 41S Smith 42
The Sharks427164404New Bees
M Widdowson 40B Price 41,R Sanders 40
Ex Cons395218451Gauntlets
L Wallcroft 41M Hemming 55,R Wilson 42,O Spink 40,B Hemming 40
Punchbowlers403614416Albert Hall
D Harrison 39,K Duffy 39N Manton 42,A Cowie 41

Week 1      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Farmers Boy436200396Punchbowlers
P Hughes 45,D Hughes 45,M Willetts 40K Higgins 40,R Taylor 40
M Smith 45,D Nicholson 48,R Franklin 45C Knowles 41,J Bunton 40
New Bees401911401Goodrest Invaders
A Bollard 47A Parker 45
Gauntlets466164426The Sharks
A Adams 46,D Spink 44,M Hemming 43,Josh Hemming 40J Molloy 41,I Smith 40
Albert Hall438191395Ex Cons
Lance Butler 44,Luke Butler 44,D Manton 43A Croad 41