Wed Div 2 Results 2019-2020

Week 13      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Hi-Flyers456200411Goodrest Invaders
C Knowles 47,N Tablet 47,A Hundley 41,K Brushwood 40A Parker 41
R Taylor 39D Lloyd 40,Josh Hemming 40
New Bees387218426Albert Hall
A Scriven 37A Cowie 41
Windshields446182422Ex Cons
A Glover 50,D Glover 46D Jackson 40
Farmers Boy182The Sharks
T Yapp jnr 49,A Davies Jnr 42,M Knight 41M Widdowson 45

Week 12      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
K Brushwood 42S Duffy 42,R Taylor 41,A Taylor 40
Albert Hall400218420Gauntlets
N Manton 39G Stanley 44
Ex Cons422164398New Bees
M Goode 47,L Croad 44T Jenkins 43
The Sharks432182414Windshields
J Molloy 41M Smith 43
Goodrest Invaders418218441Farmers Boy
D Davis 47,M Chambers 43T Yapp 43,P Knight 43,D Brooker 41

Week 11      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Albert Hall430182404Punchbowlers
S Butler 45A Taylor 39,S Duffy 39
Gauntlets480182456Ex Cons
D Spink 52,J Hemming 46,M Hemming 46,G Stanley 45,M Smith 42,D Morris 49,A Croad 44,L Croad 43
New Bees405182399The Sharks
T Jenkins 48M Widdowson 42
Windshields428164427Goodrest Invaders
R Franklin 45,B Glover 44,G Hanson 41N Wonfor 45,C Bishop 43,A Parker 41
Farmers Boy429164425Hi-Flyers
D Brookes 43,T Yapp jnr 41,P Dwyer 40A Hundley 44,

Week 10      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Ex Cons422164402Albert Hall
R Holloway 43G Aston 39,D Manton 39,A Cowie 39
The Sharks450200399Gauntlets
M Widdowson 46,A Andrews 42,P Molloy 40,D Harrison 40D Lloyd 37,A Adams 37
Goodrest Invaders433164420New Bees
M Chambers 47,R Barnett 42T Jenkins 44
R Wilson 38,N Grubb 38R Franklin 46
Punchbowlers387218413Farmers Boy
R Taylor 38R Hunt 40,C Hunt 40

Week 9      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Farmers Boy020Windshields
Hi-Flyers414416420New Bees
R Wilson 43M Lewis 43,D Wilding 42
Goodrest Invaders421164414Gauntlets
M Chambers 44M Smith 42,T Hemming 40
The Sharks417164407Albert Hall
M Widdowson 40L Butler 41
Punchbowlers398146375Ex Cons
S Duffy 39R Holloway 36,A Croad 36

Week 8      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
New Bees386416393Farmers Boy
P Keville 38D Darling 38
G Hanson 45,A Lock 42,R Franklin 40K Higgins 40
A Adams 45,D Clarke 43,M Hemming 41,S Francis 41,J Hemming 40K Bruhwood 43,A Hundley 42,J Bunton 41,M Taylor 41
Albert Hall358416373Goodrest Invaders
Lance Butler 42R Barnett 35,B Jenkins 35
Ex Cons400416411The Sharks
L Croad 37,K Southwick 37A Playdon 40

Week 7      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Farmers Boy164Gauntlets
Windshields429164420New Bees
R Barry 48,D Nicholson 42M Lewis 45,A Ballard 41
Hi-Flyers423146413Albert Hall
C Knowles 52S Butler 44,N Price 41
Goodrest Invaders412218426Ex Cons
N Wonfor 41,R Bennett 40,D Pritchard 40P Wood 56,R Holloway 44
Punchbowlers399164398The Sharks
D Freeman 40A Playdon 48,M Widdowson 42

Week 6      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Albert Hall401164397Farmers Boy
A Cowie 42D Brookes 39
T Hemming 45,D Clarke 44,J Hemming 43,S Francis 41,A Adams 41,O Spink 40M Brown 45,B Glover 44,T Lock 42,A Lock 42,J Brace 40
New Bees399182381Punchbowlers
S Beard 44,T Jenkins 40,M Lewis 40,D Wilding 40S Duffy 36
Ex Cons412317424Hi-Flyers
A Croad 47S Harbourne 40
The Sharks417416444Goodrest Invaders
P Bowkett 39G Colley 50,R Bennett 48

Week 5      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Farmers Boy392515395Ex Cons
D Hughes 39,D Brookes 39R Holloway 40
Windshields458182427Albert Hall
R Franklin 51,M Brown 45,R Barry 41,A Lock 41G Aston 42,N Butler 42
New Bees409416422Gauntlets
A Bosley 44,D Wilding 42S Carless 42,D Spink 41
Hi-Flyers411155395The Sharks
A Hundley 41,N Grubb 41P Bowkett 45,J Molloy 42,M Clarke 41
Punchbowlers408164381Goodrest Invaders
D Howell 41,M Mcmahon 41M Chambers 38

Week 4      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
The Sharks405218430Farmers Boy
P Read 45A Davies 43
Ex Cons414416426Windshields
N Croad 39J Brace 43,M Smith 41,T Lock 41
Albert Hall398164396New Bees
G Aston 42,Lance Butler 42A Bosley 42
B Hemming 58,J Hemming 47,A Adams 43,T Hemming 42,S Carless 41,D Lloyd 40,D Spink 40Larry Duffy 46,R Taylor 45,L Duffy 40,D Harrison 40
Goodrest Invaders422614429Hi-Flyers
I Chambers 42,G Colley 41K Brushwood 41,A Hindley 40

Week 3      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Farmers Boy429146402Goodrest Invaders
T Yapp 43,D Hughes 40M Chambers 42,R Macdonald 40,G Colley 40
Windshields423173398The Sharks
T Lock 43M Clarke 40
New Bees350020396Ex Cons
J Hudson 35A croad 38,M Goode 38,L Croad 38
Gauntlets500173462Albert Hall
A Adams 54,M Hemming 47,Josh Hemming 46,J Hemming 45,M Smith 43,T Hemming 42,D Lloyd 40,G Stanley 40,D Spink 40N Manton 47,M Rollings 43,D Manton 42,G Lavery 40,Luke Butler 40,M Clegg 40
R Taylor 44,S Duffy 41C Knowles 46,L Bunton 40

Week 2      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Hi-Flyers409218436Farmers Boy
L Bunton 38P Hughes 45,M Knight 42,T Yapp jnr 40
Goodrest Invaders400416435Windshields
D Davis 41S Smith 42
The Sharks427164404New Bees
M Widdowson 40B Price 41,R Sanders 40
Ex Cons395218451Gauntlets
L Wallcroft 41M Hemming 55,R Wilson 42,O Spink 40,B Hemming 40
Punchbowlers403614416Albert Hall
D Harrison 39,K Duffy 39N Manton 42,A Cowie 41

Week 1      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Farmers Boy436200396Punchbowlers
P Hughes 45,D Hughes 45,M Willetts 40K Higgins 40,R Taylor 40
M Smith 45,D Nicholson 48,R Franklin 45C Knowles 41,J Bunton 40
New Bees401911401Goodrest Invaders
A Bollard 47A Parker 45
Gauntlets466164426The Sharks
A Adams 46,D Spink 44,M Hemming 43,Josh Hemming 40J Molloy 41,I Smith 40
Albert Hall438191395Ex Cons
Lance Butler 44,Luke Butler 44,D Manton 43A Croad 41