Wed Div 2 Results 2016-2017

Week 33      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
ByeAlbert Hall
D Playdon 45,J Bray 41,A Brown 40,N Tallett 48,M Taylor 40,
Ex Cons434200379Goodrest Invaders
A Walton 48,A Croad 43,A Graham 41, L Croad 41,N Wonfor 37,C Webb 37,
New Bees386416388Harvesters
R Sanders 42,P Keville 40,J Keegan 41,
Frowouts403164394Farmers Boy
Gun Slingers409416419Cads
J Norris 40,C Burton 40,D Edwards 46,M Bennett 44,
Ex Talbot386416422The Sharks
Week 32      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
ByeGun Slingers
Albert Hall371200270Foxies
A Cowie 37,D Auty 33, Only 10 Players
Hi-Flyers429155415Ex Cons
N Tallett 43,C Knowles 41,J Patrick 41,
Goodrest InvadersBye
ByeNew Bees
K Hamer-taylor 39,M Lewis 35, Only 11 Players,
The Sharks440164419Cads
M Clarke 41,H Gravenall 40,P Read 40,M Seager 38,
Farmers Boy425182379Ex Talbot
P Dwyer 42,N Yapp 42,J Hughes 40,M K Sandoz 43,
Week 31      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Casuals430182400Albert Hall
G Rowberry 46,C Andrews 40,S Butler 50,M Clegg 40,
Ex ConsBye
New Bees375911375Goodrest Invaders
S Beard 37,N Wonfor 40,
Gun Slingers421416425The Sharks
D Potter 43,A playdon 41,Sam Gravenall 40,
Cads340119395Farmers Boy
D Mandic 38,D Hughes 50, J Hughes 40,
Ex Talbot386164377Harvesters
A Young 40,R Moore 41,
Week 30      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Foxies378020453Gun Slingers
K Gilmour 48,J Curtis 41,R Payne 40, Only 10 players S Bradley 44,A Collins 43,R Bunton 43, N Mcphearson 40,R Finch 40,
Albert Hall382146366Ex Cons
R Harris 38,D Jackson 42,
Hi-Flyers412614413New Bees
L Bunton 39,N Tallett 39,A Scriven 46,A Bosley 40,
Goodrest Invaders381218420Frowouts
A Parker 42,T Jenkins 43,M Hemming 40,D Grubb 40,
Farmers Boy430416440The Sharks
M Knight 41,P Hughes 40,D Potter 60,
K Hammer-taylor 35,J Butler 40,
ByeEx Talbot
Week 29      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
A Brown 39,J Curtis 42,
Ex ConsBye
ByeAlbert Hall
New BeesBye
No text or result sheet
Gun Slingers423164403Farmers Boy
S Gallagher 39,D Brookes 41,
The Sharks392164388Harvesters
A Andrews 38,K Hamer-Taylor 40,
Ex Talbot370614371Goodrest Invaders
A Young 38,G Colley 36,
Week 28      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Casuals396020440Gun Slingers
R Taylor 38,A Collins 48,R Finch 46,
Foxies396218439Ex Cons
P Curtis 44,R Payne 43,D Jackson 53,A Crowd 42,A Graham 41,
Albert Hall386164368New Bees
G Aston 42,J Hudson 37,
Harvesters350614358Farmers Boy
J Keegan 38,J Thomas 38,N Yapp 36,
ByeThe Sharks
Goodrest Invaders394515401Cads
C Webb 39,M Bennett 38,
Hi-Flyers440182375Ex Talbot
M Dinsdale 46,M Taylor 43,D Little 39,
Week 27      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Ex Cons435182380Casuals
A Graham 47,J Patrick 42,T Croad 40,R Taylor 41,
New BeesBye
Frowouts407182393Albert Hall
M Hemming 38,D Grubb 38,G Aston 36,G Butler 36,A Guyatt 36, N Butler 36,
Gun Slingers404200368Harvesters
J Gallagher 43,J Norris 42,J Thomas 36,
Farmers BoyBye
The Sharks420146400Goodrest Invaders
D Harrison 46,S Gravenall 42,I Chambers 42,
D Mandic 41,L Bunton 37,J Bunton 37,
Ex TalbotBye
Week 25      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
ByeEx Cons
New Bees419164401Casuals
R Sanders 41,D Waters 41,
No Text or result sheet
Gun SlingersBye
Harvesters348164322Goodrest Invaders
A Rouse 36,N Wonfor 33,
Farmers Boy417173415Hi-Flyers
O Kendall 46,L Bunton 40,
The SharksBye
Cads371416404Albert Hall
J Butler 37,J Hughes 37,S Butler 42,G Aston 42,Luke Butler 41,
Ex TalbotBye
Week 24      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
ByeGun Slingers
Ex Cons410182389New Bees
D Morris 42,L Wallbank 40,S Beard 43,A Scriven 41,
G Rowberry 39,D Grubb 43,
Goodrest InvadersBye
C Knowles 42,N Grubb 41,R Moore 42,
ByeFarmers Boy
Albert Hall370182337The Sharks
Luke Butler 37,H Gravenall 37,
Foxies419614423Ex Talbot
B Knight 45,M Sandoz 42,A Young 41,
Week 23      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
New BeesBye
Frowouts377416382Ex Cons
T Jenkins 37,J Patrick 36,
Gun Slingers390416411Goodrest Invaders
J Gallagher 38,I Chambers 49,
Farmers Boy430164407Albert Hall
P Knight 48,D Brookes 41,A Davies 40,Lance Butler 47,A Guyatt 44,
The SharksBye
A Lane 37,G Potter 34,
Ex Talbot405218429Casuals
Week 22      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
New Bees386218435Gun Slingers
A Scriven 43,R Bunton 54,A Collins 44,R Gallagher 40,
Hi-Flyers400182372Goodrest Invaders
M Dinsdall 37,L Bunton 37,N Wonfor 39,
Albert Hall375164369Harvesters
G Aston 39,N Butler 39,A Rouse 40,
ByeFarmers Boy
Foxies436416437The Sharks
R Payne 42,P Curtis 41,P Molloy 41,D Potter40,
A Brown 44,M Bennett 38,R Morrow 38,
Ex Cons409182385Ex Talbot
Week 21      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Frowouts398218410New Bees
G Dobbin 41,S Beard 38,
Gun SlingersHi-Flyers
No text or result sheet
Goodrest InvadersBye
ByeAlbert Hall
Farmers Boy164Foxies
The Sharks424218437Casuals
M Widdowson 42,A Brown 42,
Cads386218396Ex Cons
R Morrow 42,A Graham 45,L Croad 42,
Ex TalbotBye
Week 20      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Frowouts399218410Gun Slingers
J Gallagher 45,
Albert Hall361182334Goodrest Invaders
L Butler 40,D Davis 36,
R Payne 49,K Hamer-taylor 59,T Jenkins 42,
Casuals429164427Farmers Boy
J Brown 46,S Wood 41,C Hunt 41,P Hughes 40,N Yapp 40,
Ex Cons420128420The Sharks
J Patrick 47,I Poole 42,D Potter 44,
New Bees382416398Ex Talbot
D Crawford 37,W White 39,
Week 19      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
ByeGun Slingers
Hi-Flyers430200392Albert Hall
M Taylor 46,L Bunton 44,N Grubb 40,Luke Butler 49,
Goodrest InvadersBye
Young Ones020Foxies
Failed to field a side
K Hamer-taylor 43,J Ward 40,
Farmers Boy422128420Ex Cons
The SharksBye
Cads387182371New Bees
J Butler 42,S Drew 40,A Scriven 39,
Ex Talbot397182384Frowouts
Week 18      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Albert HallBye
Foxies409614412Goodrest Invaders
R Payne 39,R Barnett 40,
Casuals200Young Ones
Team failed to turn up
Ex Cons412183982Harvesters
A Graham 45,J Keegan 39,
ByeFarmers Boy
New Bees396164390The Sharks
R Sanders 38,R Molloy 39,
Gun Slingers411182376Ex Talbot
Week 17      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Ex Talbot371416391Cads
M K Sandoz 44,D Mandic 37,
Frowouts373218419The Sharks
Sam Gravenall 42,P Bowkett 40,
New Bees378416387Farmers Boy
D Crawford 40,M Knight 39,
Ex Cons420317435Young Ones
T Croad 44,P Croad 43,M Goode 40,A Stanley 41,
Casuals409317411Goodrest Invaders
A Brown 47,J Ward 41,D Davis 39,A Parker 39,
R Payne 40,R Leyland 40,
Gun Slingers423218437Albert Hall
D Harding 43,J Gallagher 42,R Harris 44,N Butler 41,R Johnson 40, G Aston 40,
Week 16      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
The Sharks458200397Ex Talbot
P Molloy 46,A Andrews 41, Sam Gravenall 40,MK Sandoz 41,J Campbell 40,D Bedlow 40,
Cads354218394Gun Slingers
R Morrow 41,C Burton 37,
Farmers Boy429182392Frowouts
C Hunt 42,R Davies 40,D Hughes 40,C Waldron 38,
Harvesters354182338New Bees
R Moore 35,R Sanders 37,A Bosley 37,
Young OnesBye
Goodrest Invaders426146416Ex Cons
N Wonfor 46,D Davis 40,A Walton 44,
J Bunton 40,C Knowles 40,A Brown 41,
Albert HallBye
Week 15      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Ex Talbot375218398Farmers Boy
N Bates 38,A Davies 40,
Cads396173389The Sharks
S Drew 40,A Playdon 41,
P Ridley 38,D Jeffrey 37,K Hamer-Taylor 37,
New Bees200Young Ones
Failed to turn up.
ByeGoodrest Invaders
Ex Cons430146421Hi-Flyers
A Croad 47,P Wood 45,L Croad 42,M Dinsdale 43,N Grubb 40,R Layland 40,
Foxies364020416Albert Hall
G Henderson 36,J L Curtis 36,L Butler 40,
Gun SlingersBye
Week 14      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Harvesters341164320Ex Talbot
M Hayes 36,N Bates 33,
Farmers Boy433182402Cads
R Davies 42,D Brookes 41,A Davies 40,R Morrow 50,M Leverton 40,
The Sharks438173435Gun Slingers
S Gravenall 46,P Molloy 42,M Clarke 42,
Young Ones402182367Frowouts
M Wilks 44,D Veron 42,M Lewis 41, Only 11 Players
Goodrest Invaders429200390New Bees
G Colley 44,C Webb 43,S Beard 40,
ByeEx Cons
Albert Hall381164350Casuals
G Aston 42,J Brown 36,
Week 13      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Ex Talbot375164365Young Ones
M Gardner 38,D Veron 39,
S Drew 36,D Mandic 36,N Bennett 36,R Skinner 37,
The Sharks433416445Farmers Boy
D Potter 44,O Kendall 43,D Brookes 43,D Hughes 41, D Darling 40,
Frowouts380164374Goodrest Invaders
B Grubb 39,I Chambers 36,R Barnett 36,
New Bees375218412Hi-Flyers
A Footman 40,J Bunton 42,
Ex Cons427146411Albert Hall
A Croad 46,A Walton 43,G Aston 40,
Gun Slingers402218413Foxies
J Gallagher 42,J Tustin 41,P Curtis 39,
Week 12      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Goodrest Invaders397146395Ex Talbot
C Webb 39,M K Sandoz 39,
Young Ones370182324Cads
N Wheeler 43,S Drew 37,
Harvesters356164353The Sharks
J Thomas 35,M Widdowson 37,
Farmers Boy417416423Gun Slingers
P Knight 46,M Knight 40,S Bradley 51,
K Brushwood 42,D Grubb 42,
ByeNew Bees
Albert HallBye
ByeEx Cons
D Hawkins 43,J Curtis 42,G Brown 45,J Ward 44,J Bray 42,
Week 11      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Ex Talbot378218413Hi-Flyers
M K Sandoz 39,N Tallett 50,
Cads385191359Goodrest Invaders
S Drew 42,N Wonfor 41,
The Sharks416164412Young Ones
D Potter 45,
Farmers Boy423182385Harvesters
A Davies jnr 39,K Hamer-Taylor 39, Only 11 Players,
New Bees414200376Albert Hall
S Beard 40,N Butler 36,
Ex Cons412164398Foxies
A Croad 42,D Auty 41,
Gun Slingers446200396Casuals
C Heason 46,R Taylor 37,
Week 10      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
ByeEx Talbot
K Brushwood 49,N Grubb 44,A Taylor 40,S Drew 41,M Hughes 41,
Goodrest Invaders412515430The Sharks
K Jones 41,D Harrison 44,D Potter 40,
Young Ones375416393Farmers Boy
A Stanley 37,D Brookes 47,
Harvesters346317375Gun Slingers
K Hamer-taylor 37,J Gallagher 42,
Albert Hall356155348Frowouts
A Cowie 39,D Grubb 37,
ByeNew Bees
Casuals437416446Ex Cons
J Bray 46,G Rowberry 45,S Wood 42,M Goode 46,A Walton 45,L Croad 41, T Croad 41,
Week 9      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Ex Talbot398416399Albert Hall
P Coates 39,A Guyatt 39,
The Sharks409614418Hi-Flyers
D Harrison 38,S Harbourne 44,P Williams 42,
Farmers Boy422182381Goodrest Invaders
M Knight 48,G Colley 40,
Harvesters360218390Young Ones
R Moore 35,M Wilks 39,
New Bees394146385Foxies
K Coleman 38,R Gilmour 36,P Curtis 36,J Curtis 36, T Harris 36,R Payne 36,
Gun Slingers424164421Ex Cons
J Gallagher 49,T Croad 39,
Week 8      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
ByeEx Talbot
Albert Hall371173354Cads
R Johnson 35,J Butler 40,
ByeThe Sharks
Hi-Flyers146Farmers Boy
Goodrest Invaders402191355Harvesters
I Chambers 41,R Jenkins 40, Only 11 Players.
Young Ones343218365Gun Slingers
D Pugh 40,R Gallagher 37,
D Auty 41,D Grubb 45,
Casuals445164426New Bees
Ex ConsBye
Week 7      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Ex Talbot400515406Foxies
M Gardner 40,T Sandles 43,
J Butler 40,S Walker 32, Only 10 players.
The Sharks427182397Albert Hall
T Playdon 41,G Aston 40,
Farmers BoyBye
M Hayes 35,M Taylor 40,
Young Ones388164374Goodrest Invaders
N Wheeler 36,I Chambers 44,
D Grubb 40,J Ellery 38,
New Bees395614396Ex Cons
S Beard 42,A Graham 40,
Gun SlingersBye
Week 6      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Casuals430164392Ex Talbot
A Brown 49,N Rowberry 41,W White 44,
J Hawkins 49,R Gilmour 40,R Payne 40,S Drew 46,
Groundhogs363218391The Sharks
Albert Hall328020390Farmers Boy
G Butler 38,D Brookes 44,
Hi-Flyers391119416Young Ones
N Tallett 37,A Palmer 42,M Wilks 41,
Goodrest Invaders398416431Gun Slingers
I Chambers 41,C Burton 45,G Hobbs 41,G Heason 40, S Bradley 40,
Ex Cons445164415Frowouts
J Owens 48,D Jackson 44,A Croad 41, L Wallbank 40,C Waldron 43,
ByeNew Bees
Week 5      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Ex Talbot388416393Ex Cons
D Little 38,A Graham 44,
A Lane 38,C Andrews 38,
The Sharks428164421Foxies
D Harrison 40,G Potter 45,D Autt 42,B Wilce 41,
Farmers Boy428200271Groundhogs
M Willetts 43,P Knight 40,S Fereday 41, Only 8 Players.
Harvesters350317366Albert Hall
R Moore 35,A Guyatt 35,
Young OnesBye
Goodrest Invaders398218436Hi-Flyers
A Parker 37,M Dinsdale 44,L Bunton 40,J Bunton 40, C Knowles 40,
Gun Slingers416182376New Bees
R Finch 44,C Burton 41,A Scriven 36,
Week 4      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
ByeEx Talbot
Ex Cons419164386Cads
T Croad 40,D Mandiv 42,
Casuals389416411The Sharks
A Brown 42,A Andrews 42,
Foxies449164412Farmers Boy
R Payne 62,R Gilmour 43,D Auty 42, L Curtis 40,N Yapp 52,D Hughes 48,
D Bennett 33,S Fereday 33, Only 11 PlayersP Jenkins 36,R Skinner 36,
Albert Hall348182336Young Ones
A Guyatt 35,E Phipps 35,
ByeGoodrest Invaders
Hi-Flyers389317406Gun Slingers
C Knowles 38,J Gallagher 43,R Finch 40,
New Bees427182372Frowouts
A Scriven 46,R Sanders 45,J Hudson 44,D Grubb 44,
Week 3      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Ex Talbot367218381New Bees
A Young 38,A Scriven 39,
The Sharks423218440Ex Cons
M Widdowson 43,D Jackson 44,L Croad 42,
Farmers Boy420164406Casuals
P Knight 46,P Dwyer 40,A Brown 45,
J Thomas 36,G Henderson 35,R Payne 35,D Hawkins 35,
Young Ones367200300Groundhogs
A Pugh 36,S Duggan 34, Only 11 Players,
Goodrest Invaders408416418Albert Hall
M Chambers 43,S Butler 41,
Gun Slingers451200401Frowouts
Week 2      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Frowouts336218374Ex Talbot
New Bees366614370Cads
A Bosley 37,D Edwards 38,
ByeThe Sharks
Ex Cons395416419Farmers Boy
A Walton 37,D Darling 44,N Yapp 41,A Davies 40,
J Bray 44,D Waters 41,D Jeffrey 44,
Foxies424164404Young Ones
R Payne 44,J Hawkins 42,D Pugh 40,A Palmer 40,
Groundhogs335218359Goodrest Invaders
R Hines 36, Only 11 playersA Parker 39,
Albert Hall356416358Hi-Flyers
A Cowie 38,K Powell 37,
Gun SlingersBye
Week 1      
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
Ex Talbot378218418Gun Slingers
P Coates 42,J Callagher 44,
Only 10 Players
The Sharks450200397New Bees
P Read 46,Sam Gravenall 41,R Sanders 41,
Farmers BoyBye
Harvesters379218405Ex Cons
D Jeffery 35,R Moore 35,J Patrick 40,
Young Ones338020414Casuals
M Wilks 34,S Spragg 34,S Wood 44,
Goodrest Invaders418182388Foxies
B Jenkins 49,G Potter 36,J Curtis 36,D Hawkins 36,
M Taylor 44,L Bunton 43, K Brushwood 42,S Walker 37, Only 10 players
ByeAlbert Hall