Wed Div 2 Results 2013-2014

Week 34
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
10 Ex Talbots40521842118 Casuals
W White 48,N Rowberry 44,B Reardon 42,G Rowberry 41,
9 Redhill Boyz35421837411 Goodrest Invaders
A Lerry 35,I Chambers 37,
8 Groundhogs33961436412 Frowouts
S Duggan 34,D Hobby 34,P Grubb 35,
7 Argonauts42914642413 The Barmy Army
I Griffiths 48,L Holland 39,
6 Foxies40716439314 Gunshots
E Fulcher 43,B Harris 40,R Spink 40,
5 Harvesters38541640015 Nu Way
J Thomas 41,R Preston 47,
4 Albert Hall34521838916 Cads
A Baker 35,D Mandic 39,
3 Gauntlets43014642317 Lakes Sharks
T Adams 44,M Smith 42,D Lloyd 40,S Callaghan 45,N Whittaker 40,
2 New Bees4054164121 Alley Cats
S Beard 45,A Bosley 40,M Williams 38,C Stratford 38,
Week 33
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
11 Goodrest Invaders35421837210 Ex Talbots
G Colley 36,B Jenkins 36,J Campbell 39,
12 Frowouts3404163539 Redhill Boyz
P Ridley 36,S Lerry 36,
13 The Barmy Army4201374188 Groundhogs
A Cornes 43,D Milner 41,R Cook 45,C Hudspith 43,A Griffiths 42,
14 Gunshots4101643847 Argonauts
J Partridge 42,A Taylor 42,R Spink 40,S Blocksidge 45,
15 Nu Way3741373746 Foxies
D Preston 34,R Preston 34,G Jukes 34,E Fulcher 37,
16 Cads3861733765 Harvesters
J Butler 39,L Keegan 39,
17 Lakes Sharks4251823674 Albert Hall
M Widdowson 45,N Butler 41,
18 Casuals4681644582 New Bees
N Rowberry 51,S Wood 50,D Price 44,C Andrews 42,H Hudson 47,P Brownley 42,R Sanders 42,A Footman 40,
1 Alley Cats4001643963 Gauntlets
P Stratford 40,D Lloyd 42,M Smith 40,
Week 32
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
11 Goodrest Invaders34341635818 Casuals
I Chambers 33,G Brown 35,
10 Ex Talbots40720035012 Frowouts
Mh Sandoz 42,D Grubb 37,Only 11 players
9 Redhill Boyz37621841613 The Barmy Army
T Pinches 37,A Adkins 50,
8 Groundhogs34616433814 Gunshots
S Duggan 37,R Spink 35,S Harris 35,
7 Argonauts41241642215 Nu Way
R Mckinnon 41,D Blocksidge 40,I Manson 43,
6 Foxies39841641316 Cads
T Sandles 39,M Bennett 45,
5 Harvesters37821841017 Lakes Sharks
M Hayes 40,A Playdon 43,
3 Gauntlets4452003852 New Bees
J Hemming 49,B Hemming 43,D Lloyd 40,A Footman 39,A Bosley 39,
4 Albert Hall3576143681 Alley Cats
L Butler 42,G Davis 38,
Week 31
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
12 Frowouts33317333011 Goodrest Invaders
P Grubb 34,B Jenkins 39,
13 The Barmy Army41916440210 Ex Talbots
A Adkins 47,D Faulkner 44,J Campbell 40,
14 Gunshots3693173749 Redhill Boyz
R Carey 39,Ali Lerry 41,S Lerry 41,
15 Nu Way4001733808 Groundhogs
G Jukes 45,D Hartshorne 40,
16 Cads3851553787 Argonauts
R Handy 36,R Menzies 36,R Mckinnon 41,T Baker 40,
17 Lakes Sharks4031643836 Foxies
18 Casuals5114165243 Gauntlets
2 New Bees4032184074 Albert Hall
R Sanders 44,C English 40,
1 Alley Cats3761643705 Harvesters
Week 30
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
12 Frowouts35417332918 Casuals
TP Goodwin 40,N Rowberry 34,
11 Goodrest Invaders36721839513 The Barmy Army
E Tibbetts 39,C Ellis 37,
10 Ex Talbots40016430714 Gunshots
9 Redhill Boyz33902040515 Nu Way
A Lerry 38,R Preston 38,
8 Groundhogs38218235516 Cads
G Wiggans 37,D Hobby 37,M Leverton 39,
7 Argonauts41521844717 Lakes Sharks
D Blocksidge 44,J Callaghan 46,M Widdowson 45,N Whittaker 44,A Playdon 42,
4 Albert Hall3594163823 Gauntlets
G Butler 39,A Adams 38,
5 Harvesters3845154052 New Bees
T Arnold 38,A Scriven 52,
6 Foxies4136144181 Alley Cats
R Payne 43,C Stratford 45,
Week 29
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
13 The Barmy Army43918241612 Frowouts
P Holland 42,M Faulkner 40,M Lewis 54,B Grubb 43,T Jenkins 40,P Grubb 40,
14 Gunshots39216438011 Goodrest Invaders
L Freeman 39,R Macdonald 38,B Jenkins 38,
15 Nu Way38041639110 Ex Talbots
G Jukes 37,W White 40,
16 Cads4012003459 Redhill Boyz
M Lane 40,M Bennett 40,S Lerry 44,Only 11 Players.
17 Lakes Sharks3931823678 Groundhogs
A Playdon 43,
18 Casuals4746144874 Albert Hall
3 Gauntlets4282003925 Harvesters
J Hemming 44,S Carless 41,R Moore 40,
2 New Bees3834163876 Foxies
J Hudson 41,J Curtis 45,
1 Alley Cats3951643877 Argonauts
Week 28
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
13 The Barmy Army43220037018 Casuals
A Cornes 44,P Holland 43,L Haden 41,D Waters 39,
12 Frowouts34541639014 Gunshots
11 Goodrest Invaders34951536315 Nu Way
G Colley 37,D Preston 37,
10 Ex Talbots38751538916 Cads
9 Redhill Boyz37814635917 Lakes Sharks
S Lerry 39,P Bowkett 35,
5 Harvesters4024164144 Albert Hall
R Moore 40,G Butler 42,A Guyatt 42,
6 Foxies4401644243 Gauntlets
R Payne 49,J Hemming 40,
7 Argonauts2 New Bees
No Result Sheet or Text.
8 Groundhogs3440204141 Alley Cats
C Hudspith 34,P Stratford 46,
Week 27
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
14 Gunshots38002041813 The Barmy Army
R Carey 39,A Cornes 42,S Yeomans 40,C Ellis 40,
15 Nu Way40120035212 Frowouts
S Smith 39,D Grubb 38,
16 Cads36441637611 Goodrest Invaders
R Handy 35,D Mandic 35,A Parker 40,
17 Lakes Sharks43120034410 Ex Talbots
J Callaghan 46,I Smith 46,L Weston 42,Sam Gravenhall 41,P Bowkett 40,G Logan 35,A Barnes 35,
2 New Bees4071823838 Groundhogs
D Rastall 41,B Price 41,P Hartshorne 35,
4 Albert Hall3591553376 Foxies
C English 37,J Hawkins 35,
3 Gauntlets4184164317 Argonauts
J Hemming 42,G Stanley 41,S Blocksidge 46,R Mckinnon 40,
18 Casuals4916144925 Harvesters
D Waters 53,D Playdon 53,C Andrews 47,D Price 45,S Wood 45,M Smith 41,M Hayes 47,K Pearson 44,J Keegan 44,T Arnold 43,J Thomas 43,P Jenkins 43,S Pearson 40,R Moore 40,
1 Alley Cats3821823579 Redhill Boyz
D Marshman 39,S Lerry 40,
Week 26
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
14 Gunshots40841641018 Casuals
L Freeman 42,R Spink 40,B Reardon 44,
13 The Barmy Army35621837415 Nu Way
S Yeomans 34,D Small 39,
12 Frowouts34661434816 Cads
M Lewis 35,M Seager 35,
11 Goodrest Invaders39641641217 Lakes Sharks
G Colley 40,M Widdowson 45,Sam Gravenall 41,
6 Foxies4211464185 Harvesters
D Auty 46,R Moore 44,
7 Argonauts4202184304 Albert Hall
S Blocksidge 44,G Willis 42,E Smith 46,D Harvey 42,G Butler 40,L Butler 40,
8 Groundhogs3592184153 Gauntlets
S Duggan 35,E Turner 35,D lloyd 42,G Stanley 40,
9 Redhill Boyz2 New Bees
No Result Sheet
10 Ex Talbots3814164011 Alley Cats
Week 25
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
15 Nu Way40117338414 Gunshots
P Davies 38,D Pitt 39,
16 Cads38341640113 The Barmy Army
M Leverton 40,A Adkins 38,
17 Lakes Sharks39681240712 Frowouts
J Gravenhall 37,A Playdon 37,T Jenkins 43,R Lewis 42,D Grubb 40,P Ridley 40,
18 Casuals4972004356 Foxies
5 Harvesters3922183957 Argonauts
J Keegan 40,I Griffiths 41,
4 Albert Hall3642003288 Groundhogs
G Butler 38,C Hudspith 33,
3 Gauntlets4281913389 Redhill Boyz
A Adams 44,T Adams 43,D Lloyd 42,J Newman 43,Only 11 Players
2 New Bees40216439910 Ex Talbots
A Scriven 45,A Barnes 39,
1 Alley Cats40318236011 Goodrest Invaders
A Taylor 48,P Stratford 44,C Whittenbury 42,K Gwilliam 41,M Williams 41,D Marshman 40,
Week 24
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
15 Nu Way39317336518 Casuals
R Preston 40,B Readon 37,
14 Gunshots40941641916 Cads
P Dawson 43,A Taylor 42J Butler 45,M Bennett 43,D Mandic 41
13 The Barmy Army45518243717 Lakes Sharks
R Finch 46,C Ellis 45,P Holland 41,A Cornes 40,L Haden 40,J Gravenall49,S Callaghan 48,M Widdowson 43
7 Argonauts6 Foxies
No Result Sheet Or text
8 Groundhogs3762183925 Harvesters
C Hudspith 40,T Arnold 42,
9 Redhill Boyz3734163894 Albert Hall
J Newman 38,L Butler 41,
10 Ex Talbots4062184573 Gauntlets
11 Goodrest Invaders3584163622 New Bees
R Macdonald 37,D Rastall 35,B Lock 35,
12 Frowouts3416143521 Alley Cats
P Ridley 39,B Williams 35,
Week 23
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
16 Cads38715537315 Nu Way
S Drew 44,G Jukes 40,
17 Lakes Sharks38941639914 Gunshots
M Widdowson 40,D Glisson 36,
18 Casuals4974165107 Argonauts
6 Foxies3891823758 Groundhogs
R Payne 38,S Fereday 38,
5 Harvesters3892002609 Redhill Boyz
R Moore 38,Ali Lerry 36,Only 9 Players
4 Albert Hall37616433210 Ex Talbots
D Harvey 39,W White 35,D Bedlow 35,
3 Gauntlets46520038211 Goodrest Invaders
A Adams 46,M Hemming 46,M Smith 44,T Adams 42M Chambers 39,
2 New Bees40841641812 Frowouts
D Rastall 42,D Grubb 47,M Lewis 40,G Bentley 40,
1 Alley Cats39902045813 The Barmy Army
G Whittenbury 41,S Yeomans 48,D Faulkner 46,L Haden 43,S Insall 41,M Faulkner 40
Week 22
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
16 Cads38218236418 Casuals
J Butler 37,M Hughes 37,S Wood 36,C Andrews 36,
15 Nu Way36302040017 Lakes Sharks
P Davies 37,A Playdon 39,M Widdowson 39,
8 Groundhogs3604163827 Argonauts
S Dullan 41,I Griffiths 41,
9 Redhill Boyz6 Foxies
No Result Sheet Or Text
10 Ex Talbots3951823745 Harvesters
11 Goodrest Invaders3744163774 Albert Hall
B Jenkins 40,L Butler 43,
12 Frowouts3550204053 Gauntlets
T Jenkins 47,D Grubb 42,M Lewis 41T Adams 41,
13 The Barmy Army4502003972 New Bees
M Faulkner 45,C Ellis 42,D Faulkner 41,B Drane 45,
14 Gunshots1 Alley Cats
No Result Sheet Or Text
Week 21
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
17 Lakes Sharks41416439716 Cads
J Gravenall 40,A Lane 41,
18 Casuals4671644568 Groundhogs
G Brown 48,D Waters 46,A Ward 43,M Smith 41,S Wood 41,D Bennett 46,S Duggan 44,J Fereday 43,G Wiggins 43,
7 Argonauts4181464159 Redhill Boyz
R Nash 44,I Griffiths 43,J Haywood 42,T Baker 40,D Hook 40,J Newman 41,
6 Foxies38231740110 Ex Talbots
T Sandles 44,M Sandoz 39,
5 Harvesters36131738811 Goodrest Invaders
M Jones 35,B Jenkins 41,
4 Albert Hall36221839112 Frowouts
J Layton 36,S Grubb 44,
2 New Bees42616441714 Gunshots
A Scriven 45,R Sanders 43,C Hodnett 40,
3 Gauntlets43817342913 The Barmy Army
J Hemming 48,A Adams 42,G Stanley 41,D Faulkner 39,
1 Alley Cats37514637415 Nu Way
K Gwilliam 41,I Morris 41,
Week 20
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
17 Lakes Sharks42120038618 Casuals
A Playdon 41,D Walters 38,D Price 38,C Andrews 38
9 Redhill Boyz3692183798 Groundhogs
T Pinches 37,S Duggan 35,D Bennett 35,S Fereday 35
10 Ex Talbots3891643837 Argonauts
11 Goodrest Invaders3705153816 Foxies
N Wonfor 38,T Sandles 38,
12 Frowouts2850203595 Harvesters
M Lewis 37,Only 10 playersK Pearson 33,R Dorricott 33,
13 The Barmy Army4331734074 Albert Hall
J Insall 49,C Ellis 42,C English 40,
14 Gunshots4016144033 Gauntlets
L Freeman 44,A Adams 44,D Lloyd 43,
15 Nu Way3924163962 New Bees
M Woods 39,B Lock 38,
16 Cads3751643681 Alley Cats
A Tucker 41,K Gwilliam 36,
Week 19
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
9 Redhill Boyz38318236318 Casuals
D Fryer 37,K Ward 36,
8 Groundhogs37616437410 Ex Talbots
D Hobby 41,S Fereday 40,W White 36,
7 Argonauts42016441611 Goodrest Invaders
J Kirk 42,I Chambers 39,E Tibbetts 39,
6 Foxies41118238012 Frowouts
T Harris 41,G Bentley 39,
5 Harvesters35821839013 The Barmy Army
M Hayes 35,A Cornes 37,
4 Albert Hall37516436514 Gunshots
G Aston 39,B Harris 40,
3 Gauntlets45320040115 Nu Way
M Smith 49,J Hemming 43,A Adams 43,R Wilson 42,G Tyler 4P Allen 41,
2 New Bees41861442316 Cads
S Beard 43,R Sanders 43,A Scriven 4S Drew 46,R Handy 41,M Hughes 4
1 Alley Cats17 Lakes Sharks
No Result Sheet Or Text
Week 18
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
10 Ex Talbots3721823709 Redhill Boyz
W White 38,J Campbell 38,D Fryer 37,
11 Goodrest Invaders3892003438 Groundhogs
R Macdonald 38,D Hartshorne 40,
12 Frowouts3561643527 Argonauts
D Grubb 37,J Kirk 38,
13 The Barmy Army4111643926 Foxies
M Faulkner 40,C Ellis 40,C Fulcher 41,
14 Gunshots3993174245 Harvesters
R Spink 42,T Arnold 44,T Jenkins 42,K Pearson 40
15 Nu Way3916143944 Albert Hall
I Morris 39,A Guyatt 46,L Butler 40,
16 Cads4005154163 Gauntlets
H Reed 40,M Seager 40,G Stanley 43,A Adams 40,D Lloyd 40
17 Lakes Sharks3911823742 New Bees
A Playdon 40,R Price 35,
18 Casuals4754164931 Alley Cats
S Wood 47,D Playdon 46,B Reardon 45,G Brown 42,D Price 41,R Bates 40D Marshman 46,K Owen 45,C Whittenbury 45,B Williams 44,R Williams 44,M Williams 41,N Clegg 41,K Gwilliam 41,
Week 17
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
1 Alley Cats4182003572 New Bees
17 Lakes Sharks4221823963 Gauntlets
16 Cads3896143954 Albert Hall
M Lane 41,M Bennett 40,N Brookes 40N Butler 40,
15 Nu Way3956143965 Harvesters
M Woods 44,R Moore 42,
14 Gunshots4331823856 Foxies
R Carey 45,B Harris 40,A Mills 40,D Pitt 40R Payne 40,
13 The Barmy Army4181643857 Argonauts
L Haden 43,I Griffiths 39,
12 Frowouts3301823218 Groundhogs
T Jenkins 39,D Allen 33,
11 Goodrest Invaders3741823369 Redhill Boyz
M Chambers 39,T Pinches 36,
18 Casuals49318245810 Ex Talbots
Week 16
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
3 Gauntlets4381644251 Alley Cats
G Stanley 41,G Tyler 40,P Stratford 44,K Gwilliam41,C whittenbury 40
2 New Bees42761443018 Casuals
J Baker 43,A Bosley 41,A Ward 43,S Wood 41,B Reardon 41,D Price 40,
4 Albert Hall35502037317 Lakes Sharks
L Butler 36,S Mcangus 36,M Widdowson 38,
5 Harvesters41518237516 Cads
R Skinner 40,M Bennett 39,
6 Foxies38851540415 Nu Way
D Auty 39,G Dukes 41,
7 Argonauts45551546514 Gunshots
S Blocksidge 45,T Baker 44,T Griffiths 42,A Hudspith 41S Harris 47,C Hodnett 43,R Carey 43,R Spink 42,L Sheppard 41,J Partridge 40, J Harding 40
8 Groundhogs39041639713 The Barmy Army
C Hudspith 39,A Griffiths 39,A Cornes 37,
9 Redhill Boyz35516435412 Frowouts
Neil Upfield 37,P Ridley 35,
10 Ex Talbots37941638411 Goodrest Invaders
Week 15
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
1 Alley Cats3931553814 Albert Hall
J Gwiliam 39,L Butler 38,
2 New Bees4081644023 Gauntlets
A Bosley 40,M Smith 38,
17 Lakes Sharks4311643885 Harvesters
16 Cads3452183566 Foxies
J Butler 33,M Seager 33,T Sandles 35,
15 Nu Way3991823867 Argonauts
R Preston 45,S Blocksidge 37,A Hudspith 37,
14 Gunshots3881553838 Groundhogs
Dan Glisson 40,C Turner 36,S Fereday 36,
13 The Barmy Army4412003589 Redhill Boyz
P Smith 47,A Cornes 42,D Faulkner 40,C Ellis 40T Pinches 39,
12 Frowouts36351537010 Ex Talbots
A Russell 38,W White 36,J Campbell 36,A Barnes 36,
18 Casuals48318244711 Goodrest Invaders
D Playdon 53,G Rowberry 48,J Brown 45,D Price 45,M Smith 41,S Wood 41, G Brown 40A Parker 43,E Tibbetts 41,K Jones 41,C Webb 40,A Mason 40
Week 14
Team ScorePointsPointsTeam Score
5 Harvesters4021644031 Alley Cats
R Moore 50,D Marshman 38,C Whitenbury 38,B Williams 38
4 Albert Hall3791823622 New Bees
C English 41,B Price 37,
3 Gauntlets43012842218 Casuals
D Lloyd 44,M Smith 40,A Adams 40J Brown 41,
6 Foxies39202041917 Lakes Sharks
T Sandles 48,Sam Gravenall 46,D Harrison 40,
7 Argonauts41616441216 Cads
R Nash 51,Dave Hook 40,M Bennett 46,M Lane 44,
8 Groundhogs36731739015 Nu Way
D Allen 34,S Fereday G Wiggins 34G Jukes 42,R Preston 40,
9 Redhill Boyz34521836914 Gunshots
Ali Lerry 36,P Dawson 36,
10 Ex Talbots38541640813 The Barmy Army
M Sandoz 37,S Yeomans 41,J Insall 40,
11 Goodrest Invaders35251536012 Frowouts
M Chambers 43,S Grubb 36,T Jenkins 36,